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ICOP 2016 Membership Form

Tessie Burke Feisanna registration now closed!

Tessie Burke "Reel" Feis - Saturday - 8am start

Tessie Burke "Jig" Feis - Sunday - 8am start

Tessie Burke Jig Feis - Sunday has a reduced $10 Family Fee

2 complete Feis competitions back-to-back

Each Feis includes all grades and champs competitions

Different adjudicators each day

All figures, singing, instrumental, and language competitions on Saturday night only

Figures/Singing/Language/Instrumental Competitions Begin at 5:00 pm Saturday night

Breads and Crafts are at 10am each day

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Tessie Burke Feisanna - Adjudicators

PC/OC will run youngest to oldest

Questions contact

No Day-of-Feis Registration available

Day-of-Feis Changes or Additions require a $50 late fee (cash ONLY)

Tessie Burke Feis Saturday Stages 2016
Updated 11 July 2016

Tessie Burke Jig Feis Sunday Stages 2016
Updated 11 July 2016

Tessie Burke Feis Saturday Competitor List 2016

Tessie Burke Jig Feis Sunday Competitor List 2016

tessie burke program book 2016.pdf



Grade Exams 1-10 offered at the Pittsburgh Feis
Friday and Saturday September 23 and 24 @6:00 pm
Examining Judge Rita O'Shea

Grades Exams Rules

Please mail your info (Name, DOB, Dance School, Exams you would like to take, Day (Friday or Saturday night), Cell phone Number you can be reached at on the day of the exam, address, email), with your check for the fees to Mailing Address.  Checks should be made payable to "Irish centre of Pittsburgh"


Mid America Feis Syllabus 2016.docx