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1.       There will be no water stations throughout the foyer during your weekend.  Due to restrictions, we cannot provide that.    The hotel will sell bottled water over the front desk at $1/bottle.  (they will also sell other snacks and sodas over the desk throughout the day)

2.       The late checkout of $50 plus tax is a special deal for the feis group only.  If you are booked outside of the block (which many people are) you will not have access to this offer and if you want to stay until 5pm, you will have to pay for another day’s rate.   We had some calls about this and wanted to be sure you knew this was not being offered to the entire hotel but only those who booked the group feis rate block.

3.       Guests will be asked to leave if they are hanging out in the foyer.  The hotel staff will also be checking in the holding rooms to ensure that people are socially distanced. 




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